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CMGT 430 Week 3 Individual Using Roles NEW
CMGT 430 Week 3 Individual Using Roles NEW
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CMGT 430 Week 3 Individual Using Roles NEW

CMGT 430 Week 3 Individual: Using Roles
Note: This is the second of three parts to this project.  Refer back to your organization used in the Week Two Applying Risk Management Consulting assignment.
A better way to control user access to data is to tie data access to the role a user plays in an organization. Some organizations are still learning this. Your presentation this week persuades the CIO of your target organization of the importance of controlling user access.
Create a 5- to 7-narrated slide presentation discussing the following:
 The value of separating duties in the organization
 The value of using roles to segregate the data and system access needs of individuals in the organization
 Why a role-based access control (RBAC) system would be the best way to accomplish this, including both the advantages and disadvantages of such a system
Use any slide presentation software of your choosing.
Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.

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